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October 7th is Random Acts of Poetry Day

To celebrate Random Acts of Poetry Day, I am going to randomly post some of my poetry on market bulletin boards, on tables at coffee shops, on park benches, etc. Are you doing something fun and special for Random Acts of Poetry Day? If so, please share your ideas in remarks.


By Kimberly Westrope

A lot can happen in 27 seconds.

A slow tear starts

in the corner of my heart,

wordlessly ripping me apart.

A life wholly changed,

memories rearranged,

leaving me a little deranged.

I fall away frowning,

feeling as if I’m drowning,

a new life now crowning –

Me without you, evermore.

All about you that I once adored

takes 27 seconds to walk out the door.


Working on some new poetry. Here’s a snippet:


You don’t say the words I long to hear,

You never speak my name.

Sometimes you don’t even utter hello

When I pass you in the café.

What once was new and full of hope

Is lost in this symphony of silence

That echoes through the chasm

Stretched between us.

I can’t build a bridge on my own,

My words are too faulty a foundation,

And I don’t trust my voice

In its trembling.

If you find you can’t help me,

I understand; It’s a big task, and

We’re each made differently

(Though I suspect we’re more alike than not).

If you don’t mind, though, I think

I’ll keep you as my muse,

For neither you nor I can control

Where the heart wanders.

I will hold on to fond memories,

Full of smiles and blue eyes, and sighs,

Dreaming of all the words

That yet remain unspoken.