Working on some new poetry. Here’s a snippet:


You don’t say the words I long to hear,

You never speak my name.

Sometimes you don’t even utter hello

When I pass you in the café.

What once was new and full of hope

Is lost in this symphony of silence

That echoes through the chasm

Stretched between us.

I can’t build a bridge on my own,

My words are too faulty a foundation,

And I don’t trust my voice

In its trembling.

If you find you can’t help me,

I understand; It’s a big task, and

We’re each made differently

(Though I suspect we’re more alike than not).

If you don’t mind, though, I think

I’ll keep you as my muse,

For neither you nor I can control

Where the heart wanders.

I will hold on to fond memories,

Full of smiles and blue eyes, and sighs,

Dreaming of all the words

That yet remain unspoken.


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