What I’m working on


With The Earl’s Masquerade finish and on the shelves, I have just started a new rock star, second chance romance novel. She Fell In Love With a Drummer tells the story of a woman who missed her chance at love when she fell for a drummer in a band during her teenage years. Many years later, her two grown sons, both musicians, are going on tour as the opening band for the only man she has ever truly loved. Will fate give her a second chance to re-kindle an old flame?





The Earl’s Masquerade is in the final editing stages. I am working on the cover design and hope to have it ready for publication very soon.

Next up: I’ve already started work on a new book. It’s a second chance romance, featuring a rock star drummer and the girl he left behind.

Also in the works, book 2 in my inspirational series, entitled Love’s Embrace. If you read the first book, Brother’s Keeper, this one tells Paul and Jenna’s story.

Still writing new poetry, which I will try to post on here soon.

Happy reading and/or writing, everyone!




Though it has taken me a little over a year instead of the scheduled 30 days, I just finished my novel for National Novel Writer’s Month, which I started on Nov. 1st, 2016, then moved my own NaNo to Feb. 2017 (It works much better for me). It is my first Regency romance novel and has been a real joy to write. I hope to have it out to you all no later than March of this year.

After I finish the editing on The Earl’s Masquerade, I am looking forward to working on a youth novel with my grandson, Miles, based on a dream he had. Should be super fun.

Also trying to finish putting together my book of inspirational poetry.





Unfortunately, due to some family struggles the last couple of months, I haven’t done much writing, but did get a few new poems down the other day. Working on book #2 in the Brothers and Sisters series. It will be Paul and Jenna’s story. I’ve had several requests for Paul’s story, and it was always my intention to do it as a series.

Still working on two new poetry books as well. AND I have a regency story brewing that is trying to take precedence over the others. I managed to get an outline done, but really want to finish Paul’s story first.



I am at work on a third book of poetry. This one will be inspirational poetry. Also, after writing my newest poem, Appalaichian Adoration, I’m thinking I may do a book of poems related to the Appalaichian area and it’s people.

Also in the works – still trying to get It’s Only Words finished. It’s been slow going. I have the storyline finished for the second book in the Brotherly Love series. And I had a dream a few months ago where I dreamed an entire Regency story, so that may be in the future as well.


Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a nice holiday season. Mine was quite nice, but hectic. I’m glad it’s over.

I am preparing to really focus on my writing in 2016, beginning with finishing It’s Only Words. Just in the last few months, I have come up with two more ideas for novels, so I need to get busy writing.

I’ll keep you all updated as I move along. Here is a little snippet for It’s Only Words:

The following Sunday, sitting in the morning service, Hana found herself scanning the congregation, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jason in their midst. Her search was rewarded in the middle of the second worship song. She glanced slightly to her left, several rows behind her, and was startled to find Jason looking back at her. She turned away abruptly, embarrassed, but not before she caught his smile.

After the service, Hana tried to hurry out, suddenly afraid of an encounter with Jason. Her pride was still a bit bruised at being caught looking at him. Sometimes she really behaved so Jr. High. She knew it was foolish. After all, she was an adult now, but it had been so ingrained in her in her youth that she couldn’t help regressing to her old behavior at times, no matter how hard she tried.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help running in to Jason either. In her desperate attempt to escape unnoticed, she’d nearly collided with him.

Grabbing her elbow to steady her, Jason smiled down at her. “Hello Hana. It’s nice to see you.”

“It’s good to see you, too, Jason.” Fumbling for words to simulate conversation, she added lamely, “I hope you enjoyed the Bible study the other night.” Hadn’t he said as much several times before he left on Thursday?

He seemed not to notice her discomfort as he grinned up at her. “I did, very much,” he answered. “Everyone was very nice, and I got a lot out of the study.” After an awkward pause in which Hana could find no words to continue the conversation, he added, “So, I guess I’ll see you on Thursday, then?”

“Yes, I’ll see you then,” Hana mumbled, borrowing his words since she seemed unable to salvage anything original. And she had the nerve to call herself a writer.

“I look forward to it,” Jason said, smiling once more before turning to leave. Hana stared after him, astonished at her social ineptness.

“He’s really something, isn’t he?”

Wincing slightly as she recognized the voice next to her, Hana glanced nonchalantly at Carrie.

“Who?” she asked, feigning innocence, though not believably.

“I saw you checking him out, Hana,” Carrie said, laughing. “Not that I blame you,” she added. “He’s definitely worth checking out.” She waited just long enough to see Hana squirm, before turning to leave. “See you on Thursday,” she called over her shoulder.

As Hana drove home, she chided herself for letting Carrie get to her. So what if she was looking at the guy. He was a good-looking guy. It wasn’t as if she were a prude or someone totally uninterested in the opposite sex. So, she hadn’t dated anyone in nearly two years. That didn’t mean she wasn’t interested in men. She was just selective, that’s all. And anyway, what business was it of Carrie’s, or anyone else’s for that matter, who she was “checking out?” Just because she found a man attractive didn’t mean anything.


Stay tuned for more, and hope you all have a happy New Year!




5/11/15 – I finished The Prints of All My Days at the end of April…just waiting for final proof and it will be available for purchase on Amazon and other outlets.


This month, I am taking a break from my own writing and will be focusing on reviewing the work of others. I have many, many books to review. You can see some of my reviews on my book review blog at https://readanythinggoodlately.wordpress.com/

Next month, I will get busy working on my new novel, It’s Only Words, so I’ll keep you posted on that.


3/7/15 – I am currently working on my second book of poetry, The Prints of All My Days, as well as a second romance novel, It’s Only Words. Hoping to have “Prints” available by the end of March.



2/15 – My new book of poetry, Dancing On Borders, is now finished and available on Amazon.






Now that I have finally finished re-editing my novel, Brother’s Keeper, it is available on Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Brothers-Keeper-Kimberly-Westrope-ebook/dp/B00QSFP6W8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1419438878&sr=8-1&keywords=Kimberly+Westrope


I am currently gathering together material for two books of poetry which I hope to have published in January/February of 2015. I am also working on book two in the Brothers and Sisters series, and a new romance novel entitled It’s Only Words.

I am in the process of collecting material for a book I hope to have published in 2019 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death.  I am collecting poems, writings, and artwork that is inspired by or dedicated to Kurt/his life/his work. Anyone interested in being a part of this can email me at kimberly.westrope@gmail.com.

I’ve been working a bit more on the book review blog. I have been reviewing books for about  year, so I thought it would be nice if I had my own blog to post reviews on. Also, I wanted another way to let authors know that I will actually read and write honest reviews of their books. Apparently, many authors pay a great deal of money for these services only to have generic reviews written of theirs books which are sometimes not even read.

I read so many good books this year. You can read some of my reviews here:


I wish you all a very happy and blessed year ahead, and thank you all so much for all your support and encouragement.







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