My Poetry

Here are two new ones I wrote the other night:
In fresh innocence you found me.
My eyes, searching for something true,
Met you in a hallway, and I knew
Your smile would fill a lifetime of dreams.
Kind words and a tender touch
Never meant as much, coming from another,
As when offered by you
On a warm summer evening.
And when you kissed me…that one precious moment,
All else faded as I fixed it in my memory.
It remains there still, tucked away with your smile
And the sorrow of my yesterday.
Here again, tomorrow, and many days hence,
I’ll find these sacred treasures,
And think fondly on the boy who held my heart
All those long years ago.
FULL MOON 10/3/16
You crept into my universe.
The night sky held you,
Hovering in my atmosphere,
Ever near, every part, never far from me.
Your satin surface reached for me,
And held me in your tender touch.
It was too much for me;
I couldn’t find my footing.
Your radiance enraptured me,
In captive amazement.
I gathered you near and tried to hold on.
Alas, you slipped away with the dawn.
Sometimes I still see you there,
Far away and out of reach,
Held in a dream or a memory,
Frozen in time for safekeeping.
A yearning, a dream, or a distant memory,
You were real to me when I held you,
Burning, in my hands and in my heart;
The embers are still alive in your eyes.

Here’s a new one I just wrote:


YOU DON”T SAY    9/17/15

You don’t say the words I long to hear,

You never speak my name.

Sometimes you don’t even utter hello

When I pass you in the café.


What once was new and full of hope

Is lost in this symphony of silence

That echoes through the chasm

Stretched between us.


I can’t build a bridge on my own,

My words are too faulty a foundation,

And I don’t trust my voice

In its trembling.


If you find you can’t help me,

I understand; It’s a big task, and

We’re each made differently

(Though I suspect we’re more alike than not).

If you don’t mind, though, I think

I’ll keep you as my muse,

For neither you nor I can control

Where the heart wanders.


I will hold on to fond memories,

Full of smiles and blue eyes, and sighs,

Dreaming of all the words

That yet remain unspoken.



A sampling from my new book of poetry, Dancing On Borders:


Somewhere in time I saw you

On a bright spring day.

I wandered aimlessly, unaware

That you were on the way.


I looked up and there you were,

Dressed in blue and green.

When you spoke, I had to pinch

Myself, believing it a dream.


“Who is this creature,” I asked myself,

“With eyes like crystals, blue?”

I stumbled and mumbled, my words

All jumbled, at the sight of you.


It was then I felt the music

Reaching me on the wind,

Surrounding me with serenades

That touched beneath the skin.


I marveled in awe and silence

At the sweetness of your smile,

And when your eyes threw light

At mine, I held it for a while.


Still I struggled, sluggishly,

To reach you with my words,

But nothing was forthcoming

From my frozen vocal chords.


The pen then found its place

And rhymes tumbled forth,

In poetry that praised you

And spoke of your great worth,


A treasure never measured

That lay buried in your eyes,

The Muse of all my pleasure,

The source of my delight.


I caught a glimpse of you that day,

A shadowy figure on my path;

Man or myth, I still don’t know

And I’m too afraid to ask.






Don’t bring me flowers.

That’s not my style,

But I am truly blessed by

The gift of your smile.


Don’t bring me silver.

Don’t bring me gold,

But bring me gifts

Of things untold.


Tell me everything,

And when words aren’t enough,

Bring me the gift

Of a tender touch.


Lead me to the depths of you

And offer me a drink.

Reach out your hand and

Pull me in, quick before I sink.


Don’t bring me lies,

They’ve nothing to gain.

You can bring me your tears,

But don’t bring the rain.


Bring me a pillow,

A place to lay my head.

Bring your body next to mine

Upon a rumpled bed.


Bring to me whispers

That glow in the dark.

Bring to me all of you,

Whoever you are.



12/14 –  For your holiday enjoyment:


Dreaming of a Christmas long ago,
When the bright star shone on earth below,
Bringing news of the heavenly birth…
A Savior born unto all the earth;

God’s own true Son, whose precious head
Was laid to rest in a manger bed,
While people gathered from near and far,
Following the path of the Christmas star.

Dreaming of a Christmas when a little child,
Sleepy-eyed and shivering, suddenly smiles,
Knowing that there among the treasures
Lies a gift of love beyond all measure.

Dreaming of a Christmas where blessings flow
In the lives of those with nowhere to go;
No home to go home to and share Christmas joy,
No tinseled tree, no turkey, and no toys.

Dreaming of a Christmas in days yet to come
When food and fun abounds for everyone,
When each and every one is fed
With more than just a crust of bread.

Dreaming of a Christmas when sadness and fear,
Loneliness and sorrow have all disappeared;
When love and joy, and Christmas cheer
Last for more than just one day a year.

Dreaming of a Christmas where peace reigns
Adding to the joy that the season brings…
The peace that through a child was born
Long ago on that first Christmas morn.




A few of my poems:


by Kimberly Westrope

They said he wasn’t beautiful,

He was never dressed to kill.

He wasn’t tanned and golden,

His skin was white as milk.


He didn’t own fortunes,

No ladies man was he.

He didn’t stand half a chance,

As far as they could see.


But there was a lightness in his step,

And a light shown in his eyes,

Making him so tantalizing,

She found herself mesmerized.


They said he wasn’t handsome

By society’s standard,

But she saw her knight in shining white

As he wielded his sword.


He pierced her with his words,

So full of passion, so well spoken,

She couldn’t get enough of them.

They held her like a potion.


As they watched, before their eyes,

A transformation took place;

He became most beautiful

To the one who beheld his grace.


To touch him, to hold him

Was all that she desired.

She knew it was too late for her;

She’d fallen into his fire.


She held his gaze a moment more,

Hoping he would hear her heart.

He did, and in that moment, he fell too,

And that’s the beautiful part.




by Kimberly Westrope


They brought me carnations

Of pink and white,

Hoping to win themselves

A bit of delight.


They brought me roses

Of the loveliest red,

Thinking this might be the way

To get into my head.


The hadn’t any clue

I would have let them stay

For a single wildflower

Plucked along the way.


So they brought me bouquets

In every shade and hue,

But you, you brought me daisies

Because you knew.





Kimberly Westrope

She dances on his borders,

Afraid to step in,

Knowing that her touch

May take away a friend.


Whispered songs and serenades

Burn in her ears;

Smiles and sunshine

Caress when he is near.


She longs for him in the moments

Just before she sleeps,

And finds him traipsing carelessly

Through her dreams.


She hesitantly holds out her heart

To see if he will take it,

Offering him her everything,

And hoping he won’t break it.


A million miles she’s wandered

To come this far,

Searching for a safe place

To settle her heart.


Still, she loves alone,

Dreaming of romance,

Hoping one day he’ll notice

And join her in the dance.




by Kimberly Westrope

The lady with the lilacs in her lap
and the roses in her cheeks,
smiles sweetly at her groom,
who just moments before,
kissed her with the first kiss of a husband.

The lady with the baby in her lap,
and another in her womb,
smiles lovingly at her son,
who just moments before,
kissed her with the candy-sweet kiss of a child.

The lady with the blanket in her lap,
and eighty candles on her cake,
smiles fondly at her family,
who just moments before,
kissed her cheek and wished her a happy day.

The lady with the lilies in her hand,
and lilacs in her hair,
smiles radiantly in her slumber,
where just moments before,
she was kissed with the kiss of a Father,
whose child has just come home.


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