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Brother’s Keeper receives another five-star review.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given a talent for doing something I love, and when someone else is touched and/or blessed by something I’ve written, it becomes all the more special. Thank you to the wonderful readers out there who not only took the time to read my book and liked it, but went the extra step and left a very nice review. It means a lot, and I so appreciate it!

By Love To Read! on August 22, 2016

Format: Paperback

Brother’s Keeper follows the story of Lisa, a staunch Christian who has just graduated, along with her two closest friends, Jenna and Rhiann. She has decided to move to her late parent’s cabin in the mountains with her older brother Paul, who has been in a home for children who are ‘slightly’ backwards since Lisa was a toddler. Lisa is sure Paul no longer needs to be in the school and is confident that he is more than capable of handling the real world. Together they head to the mountains to start a new life. Almost immediately they meet Matt, who Lisa takes an immediate liking to and Paul quickly befriends.
Lisa and Matt start to grow close, but Lisa has a crisis and pushes him away when she realizes he is training to be a Pastor. Lisa’s friend, Jenna, comes to visit and tries to help Lisa through her uncertainty. She is sure Lisa and Matt are destined to be together. She tries to convince Lisa that God has brought Matt into her life and he knows what she can and cannot handle.
Jenna and Paul in the meantime grow very close and Jenna is not sure how to deal with her feelings. Just as everything seems to be sorting itself out, Rhiann, the only one of the friends who is not a christian, comes to visit and in true Rhiann style, stirs everything up, causing pain and confusion at every oblivious turn…
This book is focused not only on romance, but on spiritual growth.
It is relatively fast paced and easy to read. All in all, it is a nice, feel good book to read.