My 2017 Writing Goals

My writing goals for 2017 (hopefully in this order): Edit/publish my first Regency romance that I just finished writing, Finish/publish book of inspirational poetry; co-write youth novel with my grandson, write book of poetry about the Appalachians; and finish the second book in my Brothers and Sisters of Faith series which will be Paul’s story.

Happy New Year One and All!

I hope you all had a lovely time ringing in the new year. Last year held many ups and downs for each of us and for our world as a whole. I thank each and every one of my wonderful readers for your love, support, and encouragement throughout the year. I hope and pray you will all be wonderfully blessed in 2017!


Brother’s Keeper receives another five-star review.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given a talent for doing something I love, and when someone else is touched and/or blessed by something I’ve written, it becomes all the more special. Thank you to the wonderful readers out there who not only took the time to read my book and liked it, but went the extra step and left a very nice review. It means a lot, and I so appreciate it!

By Love To Read! on August 22, 2016

Format: Paperback

Brother’s Keeper follows the story of Lisa, a staunch Christian who has just graduated, along with her two closest friends, Jenna and Rhiann. She has decided to move to her late parent’s cabin in the mountains with her older brother Paul, who has been in a home for children who are ‘slightly’ backwards since Lisa was a toddler. Lisa is sure Paul no longer needs to be in the school and is confident that he is more than capable of handling the real world. Together they head to the mountains to start a new life. Almost immediately they meet Matt, who Lisa takes an immediate liking to and Paul quickly befriends.
Lisa and Matt start to grow close, but Lisa has a crisis and pushes him away when she realizes he is training to be a Pastor. Lisa’s friend, Jenna, comes to visit and tries to help Lisa through her uncertainty. She is sure Lisa and Matt are destined to be together. She tries to convince Lisa that God has brought Matt into her life and he knows what she can and cannot handle.
Jenna and Paul in the meantime grow very close and Jenna is not sure how to deal with her feelings. Just as everything seems to be sorting itself out, Rhiann, the only one of the friends who is not a christian, comes to visit and in true Rhiann style, stirs everything up, causing pain and confusion at every oblivious turn…
This book is focused not only on romance, but on spiritual growth.
It is relatively fast paced and easy to read. All in all, it is a nice, feel good book to read.


Wrote this one today to honor my West Virginia family.



By Kimberly Westrope


Black hills glow golden in the sun;

Life flourishes in the face of adversity,

Building bonds that won’t bend nor break,

A faith that won’t falter when misfortune prevails.


The rigid backbones of these hills

Are strengthened with each burden born.

Songs erupt in the splendor of silence

With the dawn of each new morning.


These hills and hollows are as old as time,

Yet remain timeless in their beauty.

Hundreds of thousands of souls have lain

Their hands to this rich soil, toiled this land.


In sorrowful squalor, there is yet a vast fortune

To be held in the hearts of generations to come;

A claim to a heritage hard won and clung to

With severity and firm conviction.


You can leave the place,

But the place will never leave you;

The ghosts of yesteryear follow silently

Into the haunted hollows of tomorrow.

October 7th is Random Acts of Poetry Day

To celebrate Random Acts of Poetry Day, I am going to randomly post some of my poetry on market bulletin boards, on tables at coffee shops, on park benches, etc. Are you doing something fun and special for Random Acts of Poetry Day? If so, please share your ideas in remarks.


By Kimberly Westrope

A lot can happen in 27 seconds.

A slow tear starts

in the corner of my heart,

wordlessly ripping me apart.

A life wholly changed,

memories rearranged,

leaving me a little deranged.

I fall away frowning,

feeling as if I’m drowning,

a new life now crowning –

Me without you, evermore.

All about you that I once adored

takes 27 seconds to walk out the door.

Working on some new poetry. Here’s a snippet:


You don’t say the words I long to hear,

You never speak my name.

Sometimes you don’t even utter hello

When I pass you in the café.

What once was new and full of hope

Is lost in this symphony of silence

That echoes through the chasm

Stretched between us.

I can’t build a bridge on my own,

My words are too faulty a foundation,

And I don’t trust my voice

In its trembling.

If you find you can’t help me,

I understand; It’s a big task, and

We’re each made differently

(Though I suspect we’re more alike than not).

If you don’t mind, though, I think

I’ll keep you as my muse,

For neither you nor I can control

Where the heart wanders.

I will hold on to fond memories,

Full of smiles and blue eyes, and sighs,

Dreaming of all the words

That yet remain unspoken.